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The farm creates an atmosphere of relaxation, therefore allowing the creative juices of the farm artists and others to flow. Weather the artists are participating in Plein Air form and are outdoors creating on the farm with the natural light, documenting in visual form the beauty of the farm and its inhabitants, or weather the artists are tucked away in there enclosed studios creating to the distant sound of a rooster crowing or a duck quacking, all of these experiences create an atmosphere that allows breathtaking images to emerge.

Handmade Quality

Heirloom Quality/Custom Fine Art.

Choosing heirloom quality, Fine Art, Custom Originals is very important for our culture. Not only to an artist but to those who view them. Once you experience the direct heartbeat of an artist, you see the strokes of oil, line quality of drawings and the feelings of blended pigment, you will see the soul of the artist.  Each original form of art that is created quickly becomes a piece of work that will stimulate the mind into a creative state, that can relax us, teach us, inform us, entertain us and enlighten us in every possible way.
​STOP! Take time to reserve a spot in our Custom Studio, where you give a picture, invite the artist to your event, or personal pose for the artist to recapture your image you choose on our easel or table.

Email farminfo@doveslandingfarm.com or call the farm to set up your Custom Original and choose from Pet Portraits, Landscapes, to Single People Portraits to Abstracts

Are you ready to fill your walls with original pieces of Fine Art, or set your tables or furniture with glass or even wear some melted glass? What better way for you to gaze upon some original masterpieces in your own home while supporting local artist and investing your money in your local economy. Make sure you have a share in the Fine Art Studio at Dove’s Landing Farm. The farm offers five kinds of Fine Art CSA’s

  • Pet Portrait CSA
  • People Portrait CSA
  • Mixed Media and Varied Subject Matter CSA
  • Melted and Fused Glass CSA
  • Fiber CSA
  • Glass Jewelry CSA