What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture provides an opportunity for members of the community to directly invest in their local foodshed by committing to buying a weekly or bi-weekly bag of produce. By choosing to be a Dove’s Landing Farm CSA Member, you are making a commitment to help support a small, sustainable, local farm. This allows families and individuals direct access to fresh seasonal produce, a personal relationship with their farmers and greater community building between producer and consumer.
A CSA brings the consumer and the farmer together – enhancing ecological diversity, facilitating the recycling of important nutrients and waste products, and maximizing the self-sufficiency of family farms.

What about you?

  1. Would you like weekly deliveries of vine- ripened tomatoes and vegetables, and juicy sweet Strawberries at a reasonable cost?
  2. Would you like to eat vitamin- and nutrient-rich produce grown organically, without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides?
  3. Would you like to encourage responsible, sustainable stewardship of a local family farm right here in Versailles Kentucky??


FLAVOR: it tastes better! We have grown, picked, washed, packed and delivered this produce just for our members, it’s fresher and higher quality than you can get at any grocery store.

HEALTH: the further food has to travel, the more nutrients it will lose. And how can a fridge full of beautiful fresh produce not encourage you to eat healthier?!

COMMUNITY: build connection with your farmers and neighbors – we host exclusive events for CSA Members on our farm.

LEARN, try new things and expand your knowledge of different fruit and vegetables grown in our area.

ENVIRONMENT: know where your food comes and how it was grown and reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the distance food travels, packaging required by grocery stores, and pesticides, fungicides, etc. used in conventional agriculture.

INVEST: Keep your hard earned dollars in your community and support small farms so they have a future here.