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About The Farm, The Family

Our family farm has been growing produce locally for over 25 years. The 50 acre farm is located right outside of Versailles, along the Kentucky River, and is home to three generations of family farmers. We raise a large variety of naturally grown agricultural products and fine art.

Dove's Landing Farm LLC, rare among Kentucky farms today, is as much about people as it is about produce and animals. Our farm supports its employees/volunteers, some of whom have been with us since the beginning.  People become part of the farm and their personalities come to define their jobs. They have been essential in making our farm what it is today.

Our customers also play a crucial role in helping our business succeed, and in inspiring us.  Many of our subscribers have been with us since the beginning of the Home Delivery and CSA, and they visit us each year.  Their kids have grown up with the memories of running through our fields and playing with the animals, and they've grown up healthy while eating our produce.

About The Growing Method

We believe in growing methods that improve our environment by enhancing the quality of our water, building our soils for healthy plants while not using harmful chemicals in our farming.

About Our Art

Through our varied farm experiences we use several different media to capture and recreate those precious and stimulating moments on the farm.


600 Lillard's Ferry Road    Versailles, KY  40383   (859) 202-0973