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Dove's Landing Farm soaps are made with an olive oil/goat milk base.  Many soaps have coconut butter with palm oil and shae butter added.  They are scented with lots of essential oils and some are filled with herbs and exfoliating grains and nuts.


Ribboned & Tagged Soaps $7.00
Gift Baskets $15.00   $25.00    $30.00
Sliced Refill Bars $5.50

            Soap Varieties

Aloe & Comfrey - Mildly astringent

Peppermint - Tingly, gently stimulating and astringent.  Textured with dried mint leaves.


Chamomile Rose - Soothing and slightly astringent. 


Plain Goats Milk  - Soothing and gentle.

Cranberry Rose - Mildly scented with oil from the cranberry leaf and rose. 

Raspberry Shea Butter - A moisturizing face and body soap. 

Lavender Shea Butter - Mildly astringent and moisturizing face and body soap filled with shae butter. 

Tea Tree Lavender Hemp - Tea tree oil, lavender oil, and hemp seed oil.

Lemon Verbena - Excellent to help remove odors from hands. 

Vanilla Almond Oatmeal - An exfoliating soap filled with ground oat and almonds. 

Oatmeal Vitamin E - An exfoliating soap filled with ground oat and vitamin E oil.


Glycerin & Essential Oil Soaps
Goats milk glycerin base with essential oils, pigment, and other oils
Insects & Small Animals $1.75
Bars $5.00
Plain Goats Milk  - Soothing and gentle. Eucalyptus Olive Oil - Soothing and gentle.
Lavender Goat Milk - Mildly astringent and moisturizing.  Lemon Balm Shae Butter Goal Milk - Excellent to help in removing odor from your hands and feet.
Soap Home Delivery Details:
 A minimum order 5 bars of soap required
- A $6.75 delivery/handling charge is applied to all orders
-Delivery limited to preselected areas in Fayette, Jessamine and Woodford counties
(please call or email to see if you live in our delivery area)

For mail orders:
- $6.75 charge for shipping mail orders (up to six bars)

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