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What is an Art CSA?

Community Supported Art (CSA) is a simple relationship/contract between the artists and the community/shareholder. The artists create fine artwork for the shareholders to admire and appreciate.  During the three month share porgram, the artists will create your subject matter into an original piece of artwork using the artists' interpretations and choice of varied media.  One delivery/shipping will include all works. 

Shareholders Contribution

The shareholders contribution is to accept the artist's interpretation of the subject matter, to provide five or more photos of the subject - action or pose - (artists must approve of photos), to set up a time to meet with the artists to receive work, and to pay prior to the beginning of the artwork.

What Will Shareholders Receive?

During the three month art portrait share program there will be one delivery of mulitple pieces.  Those outside of the farm delivery area may incur an additional shipping fee.  The artists will choose the media being used.

What Kind of Artwork is Created?

Currently, we are offering child portraits, adult portraits, equine portraits, canine portraits, and stained glass stimulated by the farm.   

How Do I Receive My Originals?

Your original art will be delivered at a time agreed between you and the artist.


600 Lillard's Ferry Road    Versailles, KY  40383   (859) 202-0973