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Artisian Agricultural CSA

For those of you that just love your fresh produce and enjoy including rare, heirloom and traditional produce to your daily diet, this would be the perfect share for your family.

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Weekly Share

Each week the farm offers a thoughtful selection of either one or two different menus of seasonal fruits and vegetables. These menus are offered via Facebook, Email or phone text.

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Monthly CSA Shares

Enjoy a weekly delivery of a wide variety of nutrient dense vegetables, herbs and fruits with a 1/2 dozen free rage heritage breed eggs. It is a very short.

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Fruit CSA

Hands-down our Fruit CSA is what everyone looks forward to every year. There is nothing like seasonal flavorful berries and fruit that.

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Poultry CSA

Our farm’s focus on pasture-raised, slow-growth heritage breeds poultry produces the most flavorful and healthy meats.

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Natural Farming:
Modern Techniques,Heirloom Quality

Dove’s Landing Farm is a locally owned and operated in Versailles, Kentucky.  We believe that the best produce and fine art is created with care and passion. Our farm strives for excellence in combining natural, sustainable farming with innovative techniques and technology, yet not losing the heirloom taste and quality. We are proud of our heritage and excited for our future. Dove’s Landing Farm is a diversified farm, raising grass fed chevon, and pastured eggs, while also growing a wide variety of heirloom and conventional vegetables, herbs, dry corn, flowers, and small grains. We hope to continue to add to our diversity as we grow. All of our food is distributed through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, Farmers Markets, Online sales, and Wholesale. What better way to support your local economy then to support your local farmer.


All of what we do is based on respect. Respect for our land and animals, the produce we grow, the art we create, and the people we serve. From farm to table and palette to exhibition it is a road of pride and passion. It is our privilege to produce delicious food for you to partake while we use sustainable methods of agricultural production to preserve and enhance soil quality while protecting environmental diversity. It is our joy to create images that your eyes can look upon yet feeling relaxed and refreshed. Our goal is to ensure long term viability of agriculture and relaxing fine art at our farm.

How Natural?

Our farm strives to grow and raise the most natural, delicious ingredients with the simplest route from farm to table.
Our Produce is nutured an picked a the peak of ripeness to create the finest, purest product. We treat our animals like family, we create fine art in an atmosphere of relaxation, we let the land teach us what is best, we follow the seaons that are brought forth by nature, and we collaborate with those whp have expertise in the field of agriculture.

Why Modern and Heirloom Mixed
What is new? What is old? What Works? What doesn’t?

At Dove’ Landing we are always asking ourselves how we can be innovative yet keep our heritage with sustainable agriculture and heirloom quality.
The finest ingredients are what gives our food its great flavor. The best way to capture those ingredients is to nurture our land. One of the farms main focus is on healthy soil. By feeding the biology in the ground, in return it will feed the plants and animals on the land. Working with the seasons and the moon phases has been essential in Seed germination and flourishing plants. We do use new, state of the art techniques and machinery mixed with the old tried and true methods of hand cultivation to improve our farm, crops and livestock.


Our store

Deep Red, Juicy, Mouth Watering Tomatoes, Unforgettably Sweet Watermelon, Crispy, Crunchy Lettuce

Are you imagining those heirloom qualities of taste and textures? One of the best ways to find those qualities and to eat fresh produce is to purchase the highest quality produce, picked at the peak of ripeness, and the most locally grown produce to you. Guess what?? One of the best ways you can get this type of produce is from Dove’s Landing Farm. There are 5 ways to receive our produce. Check them out below and don’t be left out, Make sure you get your Share at Dove’s Landing Farm.

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600 Lillards Ferry
Versailles, KY 40383
Call Us:
​(859) 202 – 0973

Our Team

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Abigail Firey

" I loved the purple yams! And the very fancy, pretty cabbage (ruffly purple and green) was lovely, too. I do like as much variety in the vegetables as possible, and heirloom varieties are also interesting (and often more tasty than the newer hybrids). Thanks for stepping outside the usual boundaries in your planting!"

Natalie Wyatt

"We started with Dove's Landing as a part of the 2011 CSA and have continued with them for home delivery since then. We love the surprise of the bag contents every week and wait for its arrival to plan our meal around the goodies that we find inside! The quality is fantastic and the variety keeps our menu ever changing!"

Julie Jones

"We truly enjoyed the delicious fresh vegetables all last summer. The variety was wonderful and who could ask for easier with them delivered right to your door. Definitely worth giving a try."

Nikki Jewell

"You have the best CSA!"

Peggy Burchell

"I love absolutely everything I get from the farm, absolutely delicious."

Dr. Jim RoachMD Midway Center For Integrative Medicine

Dove's Landing provides outstanding produce that I find always to be very fresh and flavorful."
Nikki Jewell - "You have the best CSA!"

Marian Keesy